Pipeline As Built Survey

New Construction

We collect that data from each weld made on each pipeline and provide a state plane coordinate, as well as , the attributes like the x-ray number, and whatever else is requested by our client. The depth of cover is always important as this varies based on the location of each pipeline and the route that they end up being built in. The other reason for the as-built is to verify that the pipeline is within the easement which is “permission to use the property” from any given land owner for a period of time for a specific use. Once again, the GIS component has proven extremely valuable in creating maps to show any areas of concern or potential concern.



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Existing Pipelines

Trans Texas Surveying & Mapping is also very well experienced in locating pipelines that are already in the ground. This is to verify location, depth of cover, and when the client has data of “potential problem spots” we can show them where to dig to further investigate any challenges or issues that are perceived from a smart pig survey. We also are equipped to chase the smart pig or do whatever is needed to locate pipelines of any size and type.


High Consequence Areas

When surveying any pipeline project, we also will locate HCA (High Consequence Areas) and help our clients with compliance when it comes to notification of land owners, schools, or whatever the client or compliance needs are. GIS combined with land surveying is key to this process.

We have crews that are pipeline as built specialists.


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